Energy and Cost Efficiency in Data Centres – New Trends, Strategies and Tools

The conference highlights the following central topics and trends

  • EU policy strategies for energy efficient ICT
  • How do we measure our success? Efficient monitoring concepts in data centres
  • Energy efficiency in public procurement
  • New developments on energy efficient technology – from IT hardware to DC cooling
  • Trends, future strategies and ways of implementation

September 13, 2012, 8:30 am – 16:30 pm

Energy consumption in data centres and server rooms has been increasing significantly during the last decade. Facing limited ressources all industries, institutions and public administrations are requested to redound to sustainability and energy efficiency. At the same time information technology has become indispensable in our lifes. The amount of data interchange currently doubles every two years.

Thus both demands – energy efficiency and highly comlex IT structures – have to go hand in hand. The increasing use of powerful IT services in public and private service sectors has led to a growing energy demand for centralized IT equipment in data centres and central IT units of companies and public institutions. A whole range of technologies has been developed to increase energy efficiency. New hardware and power management options support energy saving strategies.

The EU-Project “PrimeEnergyIT” is supporting the market development for energy efficient central IT equipment, including server, data storage, network and facility equipment, as well as new power management technologies since 2010. In its final conference, experts will discuss matters of energy efficient ICT systems, energy- efficient procurement, life-cycle analysis of ICT systems as well as about the improvement of energy performance.

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Botanisches Museum, Königin Luise Straße 6-8, Lecture Room, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem

Registration is free. Please register for the conference by sending an email to or a fax to 49 30 29 33 30-99 and provide your name and affiliation.