Klaus-Dieter Lang

Conference Chairman
Director of Fraunhofer IZM Berlin, Germany
Head of Research Center for Microperipheric Technologies, TU Berlin, Germany

"Introduction and Welcome to Electronics Goes Green 2012+"

Hans-Joachim Otto

Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

"Green IT Energy Efficiency for Systems"


Christina Meskers

Umicore, Belgium

"Tackling the Resource Challenge – How to Take the Electronics Life Cycle to the Next Level"

Carlos Lee

EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium, Belgium
former Director General at SEMI Europe, Belgium

"Blue Semiconductors and Photonics"

Fatma Fekih-Ahmed Kilani

Independent Web Consultant, Tunesia

"The Role of IT for Societal Transformation Towards Democracy"

Scott O’Connell

Dell, USA

"Path to Sustainability: A Perspective on the Opportunities and Need for Collaboration"